news updates

We had to take some time off from showing due to health reasons

and needing to replace our rv. Our current 5th wheel loss axle on us on the way to show 

and we had just had it serviced part of yearly routine, upgraded the leaf springs new tires and driving 55 on freeway is what saved us and the dogs.

Plus we would like to be able to relocate to north pacfic in next couple years,


Hopefully spring on 2020 we can make it to some shows, in mean time we been acting as match secretary for 3 matches for our club this our the clubs A level matches so hopeful in year or two you will be able to enjoy real point shows all breed here in southern Utah and Tracking Trials.  Red Canyons Kennel Club

Hoping to do a breeding in winter so late 2019 or 2020 with one of the red girls

Acorn , Taboo or Scandal .