news updates

We had to take some time off from showing following the loss of my mother Cheryl Martin  who breed and showed the ruffwyr wires with me.


Hopefully spring on 2021 will be doing a breeding it may be the last breeding for Ruffwyr line

hopefully not but my future is uncertain at this time,

I am still hoping to move  closer to family on west coast and be able to go to more shows while I am still able and hopefully keep my line of wires going.

In the meantime dealing with all the  not so fun effects of lossing a love one , learn hard way the importance of making sure wills are correct, life insurance or final arrangment  insurance.      so dealing with probate and large medical bills why not sure of my future plans.

Did get to show Wally who will be 12 at the club me and my mother we were the last of the original fonding members  at our clubs very first akc shows he was not quiet awake until done showing but still manage to get a nice select over a other champions and he had a blast  , he was very good boy sleep in his crate with big raw knuckle bone on his back with his new buddy bull mastif and english mastif boy  in the grooming stall when to get him and 3 of them each in crate were asleep on their backs lol they loved the ac in the grooming stall our shows had record heat but the buidlings ,  were all climate control,   it was lovely show  by Red Canyons Kennel Club with record heat and all the convid rules it went great 950 entries plus  close to 60 in rally  .  so look forward to show in southern utah in sept 11 12 2021    Bear showed the next day was  brainless Fancy was in heat and home and that where his brain was.